Fall One Room Challenge 2022!!!!

It’s coming y’all, and I couldn’t be more excited to get back into the DIY swing of things. It was a loooooong summer entertaining two high energy kiddos, and I won’t lie, gradual entry kindergarten and preschool nearly killed me. But we are FINALLY back into a routine and the timing is perfectly aligning with the Fall One Room Challenge.

So what is this “One Room Challenge” you ask? Well if you’re not familiar it’s basically an online challenge where anyone and everyone can sign up to participate and share and follow along as we all completely redesign one room in 8 weeks time. Easy enough right? My first One Room Challenge I took on Tori’s room at our last place.

I was super proud of this project, and it was huge confidence boost to believing in my ability to pull a room together. Naturally I made some mistakes and some of my design choices could have been better, but overall I am still so in love with that little room. Once we moved into our new house I started with Tori’s room again, and it has already transformed so much from where it started! Be sure to follow along on Instagram as I finish that off as well!

But with the One Room Challenge looming much of my focus has shifted gears to the Playroom. If you follow me on instagram you’ll likely know I was debating between the Playroom and building a Walk In Pantry conversion. Long story short, budget won’t allow, we just have too many things on the go at once and we need to get the ensuite bath done before we invest in some of the pricier projects I have brainstormed. Poor Eric having to be my budget bad guy.

So what’s the plan for the playroom then? Well you’ll have to wait for Week 1 of the One Room Challenge to find out! Think climbing wall, performance stage, play kitchen and more! Hope you’ll follow along!


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